Mass Effect Has An Easter Egg In Amazon's Echo

Easter eggs are fun, whether they are real or in games. Those who discover them first feel proud because they're the first ones to discover that hidden secret. Speaking of Easter eggs, fans have discovered a funny Mass Effect Easter egg which is related to Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is an AI device that is designed like Siri. You ask a question and it answers back to you. Its main use, of course, is for home automation, shopping, and listening to music. It tells Amazon what your shopping habits are so that it would be much easier to shop next time.

So how does it relate to Mass Effect?

In Mass Effect, there was a scene where Shephard, Tali, and Legion had to make an important decision regarding the final moments of the Geth and Quarians conflict. Legion, a Geth, posed a question to its Quarian creators, "Does this unit have a soul?" On the other hand, the phrase "Keelah se'lai" is used by Quarians which might have a connotation of a plea. Shepard used it to request ceasefire and his request was granted.

The Easter egg was discovered by Mass Effect players who are also Amazon Echo users. When they ask the device, "Does this unit have a soul?" the device answers them back with "Keelah se'lai."

Whatever the reason why Amazon placed it there, those who engineered the Amazon Echo must be big fans of Mass Effect as they put an effort to recreate one of the most dramatic moments of Mass Effect into the device's algorithm. Meanwhile, Mass Effect 3 will be putting a multi-player mode to the game. BioWare is still testing how they will incorporate it without being too invasive with the whole storyline of the game. The multiplayer mode called "Strike Team" will allow players to switch between solo mode and multiplayer mode seamlessly.

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