Top 5 Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophies

Although Platinum trophies are difficult to acquire in some games, there are also games where it is very easy to get them. Here is a list of the most common and easiest PS4 Platinum trophies you can get out there.

The World of Nubla

The World of Nubla is a 2D puzzle game which takes place inside the artworks found in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Although the game has 11 trophies that you need to get, the puzzles and the platforming are easy enough for you to get the Platinum trophy within two hours. Just in case you get stuck in one of the puzzles, there are plenty of guides to get you unstuck. The World of Nubla is so easy that 98.33 percent of those who played it were able to get it.

My Name Is Mayo

PSN revealed that 97.10 percent of those who played My Name is Mayo got the platinum trophy within a very short span of time. Why not? When all you have to do is dress up your bottle of mayonnaise and tap it.


Aside from being easy, Jazzpunk is a delightful game which takes you to an alternate reality during the Cold War era. There, you have to solve puzzles using weird, hilarious objects. The game takes at least a couple of hours to complete and 90.64 percent of those who played it were able to get the Platinum trophy. However, be aware that you might miss the trophy list because it requires you to do sub-quests for you to acquire it.

Her Majesty's Spiffing

Spiffing here is actually an acronym which stands for Special Planetary Investigative Force for Inhabiting New Galaxies, a special task force commissioned by the Queen herself. Solve puzzles and discover new planets in order to earn your Platinum trophy. The puzzles are so easy that 88.78 percent of those who played it have managed to get theirs in just one sitting.

Monster Jam: Crush It

If you are a fan of monster trucks, then this is for you. Complete all the racing and freestyle events to earn your Platinum. Aside from the easy gameplay, you'll enjoy maneuvering one of these crazy machines and be one of the 87.36 percent who earned their trophies in no time.

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