Marvel vs Capcom Infinite News: Check Out The Reasons Why 3v3 Mode Is Replaced With 2v2

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will still have the 2v2 mode but players should not expect that they can play 3v3 once the game is finally available. Capcom just decided that the latter mode was removed because of different reasons even if the mode is highly appreciated.

First, Capcom thinks that 3v3 mode in MvC: Infinite will make the players think for six heroes before they start fighting. The game's co-producer, Peter Rosas, explained that the company wants the players to start the match without any hassle.

Rosas added that having three characters in a match will cause interruption. Even if in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, the players usually use 3v3 mode, according to WWG. Capcom also wants the first time players to make MvC: Infinite more accessible.

Even Capcom's head producer, Michael Evans, said that having 3v3 mode will make MvC: Infinite more complicated. The company wants the players to focus with just using who they think are the best choices in 2v2 mode.

Since there are new characters in the game, the players might find it easier to use just two heroes instead of three characters. Also, 2v2 mode will let the players decide with regarding the Infinity stones that will be present in MvC: Infinite.

This is good news for the fans of older version of MvC. The gamers who have been playing since day one will be happy that they will only stick with 2v2 mode rather than choosing 3v3. Capcom wants the players to think of new strategies to ensure them victory.

MvC: Infinite fans are still waiting when they will have the game. However, the players might find it weird because they do not know how will the gameplay change since 3v3 will be removed. The company thinks that the players will love the game even more.

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