‘Pokemon GO' Can Increase Life Expectancy; A Legendary Pokemon Update Set On Chinese New Year?

Players around the world just found a new reason to play and keep on playing the worldwide phenomenon of a mobile game application, “Pokemon GO”. Apparently, there has been a research that the said mobile game can help in extending one’s life expectancy. Aside from that, it seems like Niantic Inc. is actually going to release a legendary Pokemon soon and in might be on the upcoming Chinese New Year.

When Niantic Inc. first released “Pokemon GO” in July last year, there has been an increase in the activity taken by an average person all over the world, according to studies made. This was a huge deal especially for “Pokemon GO” as it has been hailed to be one of the devices and mobile games that actually promote and encourage physical fitness after millions of players have gone on long walks to just hatch eggs and catch Pokemon. That didn’t last long though as the mobile game remained stagnant and no updates were made causing users to engage in physical-related activities.

But with the sudden surge of updates from Niantic to keep the players of “Pokemon GO” interested since last month, research saw that there was once again improvement in the physical fitness of users of the said mobile game. With players anticipating Niantic will have another roll of updates including a legendary Pokemon said to be on the way, new research stated that the highly engaged users in the U.S. has three times most likely to meet their official activity guidelines just a month after they started to play “Pokemon GO” and if this keeps up, it can potentially increase the life span of those enthusiasts. It seems like U.S. players are going to get more physical as demand for the “Pokemon GO” Plus went up and new stocks are in.

The surge in orders of “Pokemon GO” Plus is said to be related to Niantic releasing one legendary Pokemon on the Chinese New Year, which will be on Jan. 27 this year. Though uncertain which legendary Pokemon is coming up since Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos have yet to be confirmed, the update is said to be included in the next major patch, which is said to be out this month but can also be released on Valentine’s Day. It is said that Niantic is forced to comply with the demands of releasing a legendary Pokemon to keep players interested in “Pokemon GO” and with that, the developer will also be holding regular in-game mini-events for the players around the world.

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