Pokémon GO Update: Niantic Might Just Redesign User Interface For Gen 2

Niantic has remained tight-lipped about the release of Pokémon GO Gen 2. Upcoming new contents and features have already been teased for a while now but it is still uncertain if these will be part of the next generation game. As of the latest, speculations arise that the developer must have been considering redesigning the user interface of the next title.

Redesigned User Interface

According to latest reports, Niantic has been working in the lab a new redesigned user interface for Pokémon GO Gen 2. Although this speculation remains unconfirmed, there have a been a strong belief from the community that the developer has considered implementing tweaks in the physical design of the game. For one, renders made by some fans have gone viral on Reddit lately.

Best Fan-Made Render

In a Pokémon GO Hub report, it was noted that a Pokémon GO fan named Albert Choi made the most outstanding user interface for the game, even calling it "creative" and "feasible." One interface render features two convenient and easy-on-the-eye two tabs for Johto and Kanto Pokédex. What makes this render different as well is that creatures from Kanto Pokédex can be found in Johto. Apart from that, sequence of the National Pokédex veers away from the normal sorting. Despite that, it looks fine and fascinating.

Redesigned Footprint Tracker, Tracking Item

On top of the redesigned user interface is the revamped footprint tracker and tracking item. The artist created two types of tracking mechanism, the familiar poke tracks and unidentified poke tracks. As per render, it appears that the first tracking mechanism has already familiarized caught or successfully tracked Pokémon. The second mechanism on the other hand will require trainers a special item named "Footprint Identifier" which helps in tracking and catching Pokémon.

In the meantime, the artist also depicted changes in his own render pertinent to Legendary Pokémon, PvP matches and PokéGear, among many others. What do you think of Albert Choi's render for Pokémon GO Gen 2? Do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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