HTC U Ultra Joins 'No Headphone Jack' Trend, New Flagship Boasts Of A Second Screen, AI Feature

By Mandy Adams , Jan 13, 2017 09:06 AM EST

In a bid to overtake Apple and Samsung, HTC unveiled the HTC U Ultra, a revolutionary phone that lacks the headphone jack but is filled with interesting features. HTC decided to follow Apple's lead to introduce wireless headsets in its new flagship phone which comes with AI features and a "second screen."

HTC U Ultra Features

HTC's flagship phone is revolutionary since it is the first one to introduce a second screen. Just above the main screen, there is a small touchscreen panel which acts as the second screen. All notifications are displayed on this screen so it will not interrupt what the user is doing on the main screen.

Users can also customize the display in this second panel. This panel is also linked to the artificial intelligence software developed by the company. Based on the latest reports, the HTC Sense Companion is the software that studies the user's daily habits to deliver what users need.

The HTC U Ultra comes with four microphones allowing it to respond to voice commands promptly. With this feature, voice commands can be used to navigate the device, turn off the alarm or even take calls.

Another key feature in HTC's new phone is the HTC USonic earphones. These ear buds will automatically adjust the audio depending on the user's surroundings.

HTC U Ultra Specs

The HTC U Ultra is a 5.7-inch and HTC also issued the U Play, a 5.2-inch device with lower specs. Both phones have the Liquid Surface which is an all-glass exterior. As pointed out by The Verge, the device could slip easily without a case due to its "liquidy" grip.

The main screen has a Quad HD resolution. Meanwhile, the second screen is just a 2-inch strip above the U Ultra's Super LCD 5 screen and at the right side of the 16 MP front camera. The device runs on Snapdragon 821 and it has a 4 GB RAM. HTC U Ultra runs on Android Nougat but the U Play will run on Android Marshmallow. At the moment, there is no word on the price and shipping date for the HTC U Ultra and U Play.

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