Why Are The Best Players Being Banned In Battlefield 1? Find Out Here

Battlefield 1 is not encouraging the players to cheat in the game, which is why DICE have been actively banning players from the players that were suspected of cheating. However, the players who have been dedicated since day one of the game were also denied access as well some skilled players. DICE has the following reasons.

DICE wants the players to play clean in Battlefield 1. That is the reason why the developer and EA has been using programs in order to stop the cheaters in beating the game. The developer used "Punkbuster" before but it was not effective as per VG 247.

With the help of FairFight, DICE was able to track down the players who are cheating based on global average. After that, the program will be able to ban the players who are using several techniques that help them win, TechTimes reported.

Battlefield 1 has used FairFight in order to sort out the players who have been cheating in order to be the best. But some of the players have been expressing their concerns towards DICE's action against the cheaters that accidentally banned the skillful players.

In Reddit, some players have been banned for a week in playing Battlefield 1. After the suspension, the players have been having a hard time engaging in the game. One player under the Reddit name of kl-Spazmo, said that he has contacted EA to address the problems.

However, DICE is not yet commenting about the problem in Battlefield 1. According to WWG, the developer might be working with balancing the security system in the game in order to solve the cheating problems and the issues of the players about being banned for being great.

Hopefully, DICE will provide an immediate solution about the banning of the players that are good in Battlefield 1. If the developer will not do anything about this issue, the game will lose its loyal players and in that sense, its profits.

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