Nokia 8 Leaked Images Reveal Two Phone Variants, One Nokia Supreme Model Is Made Of Plastic

By Mandy Adams , Jan 13, 2017 12:07 PM EST

Nokia 8 is poised for a 2017 release and images of Nokia's new flagship phone were leaked online. These images support prior rumors that Nokia will release two phone models. If these leaked images are to be believed, one model of the Nokia Supreme is made of plastic.

Nokia Is Back

Nokia is one of the pioneers in mobile technology but it was left out when smartphones took over the market. Despite being out of the loop for quite some time, the company is not out of the game. Images of the mid-range phone Nokia 6 TA-1000 were leaked in Weibo, a social network, in China.

The excitement over Nokia 6 could just be the beginning after all the company is yet to unveil its flagship phone. As indicated in some reports, Nokia passed a Bluetooth certification for a phone with the model number TA-1003.

Nokia 8 AKA Nokia Supreme

There were a lot of new technology spotted during CES 2017 and one of the things that many people missed is the Nokia 8 or the Nokia Supreme. According to a video uploaded by Total Tech, Nokia 8 will have two variants, one will run on Snapdragon 835 while the other one is powered by Snapdragon 821. Of the two models, the Snapdragon 821 variety has a bit of plastic on it. Nothing has been confirmed as of the moment but the 5.7-inch QHD phones might be manufactured in Russia.

The Nokia 8 Snapdragon 835-model could feature a 24-MP main camera and packed with a 6 GB RAM. Meanwhile, the other model is rumored to have a 4 GB RAM and a more inferior camera. Both Nokia 8 models would probably run on Android 7.0 Nougat although there are also speculations that it would have a CyanogenMod built since the Note 6 has a UI based on CyanogenMod 14. Right now, all of these are mere rumors but Nokia would probably pack the big announcement for its press event in Barcelona on Feb. 26.

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