7 Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Features That Will Make You Drool

After many months of speculations, it has already been confirmed at the Nintendo event yesterday that the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the official game launch title of the Nintendo Switch. During the unveiling of the Legend of Zelda trailer, it has a lot of obvious drool-worthy elements and here is seven of them.

Vast Regions

The trailer showed some of the different regions Link will explore in the game. That means there will be lots of dungeons, side quests, and puzzles but this time, with amazing visuals. Some of the regions seen in the trailer are wooded areas, arctic regions, and a desert.

The Master Sword

Considered as one of the most popular weapons in the gaming world, the Master Sword makes a comeback in the Breath of Wild. Based on the trailer, the Master Sword is most probably located near the Great Deku Tree.

Hyrule Ruins

The statue is reminiscent to the Ancient Cistern in Skyward Sword although there's really no specific information about that yet. However, the winged statue seemed to give a clue about the Triforce.

The Shield

3D shields in Zelda are nice but Breath of the Wild seems to make expand the use of shields as the trailer showed that it can be used in many ways.

Koroks and Gorons

Koroks are little guys who made their first appearance in Wind Waker. They were seen hovering in the Breath of the Wild trailer. Gorons, on the other hand, are recurring characters in the Zelda storyline and serve as allies to Link.

The Great Deku Tree

Another come backing character is the Great Deku Tree, which appears to have his mustache back. He was the one who told the story about the destruction to Link.


The trailer showed Princess Zelda doing battle which means we could be getting a kick-ass princess this time. It also seems like she wields her magical powers which is very cool.

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