‘Clash Royale’ Electro Wizard Guide: How To Use The Upcoming Legendary Card Correctly

The Electro Wizard will be coming out soon and fans of Clash Royale will be able to use it to enhance their gaming experience. Players were able to see how this Legendary Card is used in the Challenge that was held recently. It is important to remember though that players can only maximize the use of this card if they know how to use it properly. So, here are some tips on how to correctly use this Legendary Card.

Players Need To Take Advantage of Speed

The Electro Wizard is different from the standard Wizard in Clash Royale because of its fast movement. Therefore, players need to place it behind the Elite Barbarians or a Lumberjack. This card is capable of keeping up with them while giving cover fire to air and ground. In addition, if players use this card with a Clone, four powerful Barbarians possessing four lightning bolts will hit the air near them.

Players Need To Use The Card To Fight Sparky in Clash Royale

Sparky is one of the most destructive units that a player can use in Clash Royale. Given the right conditions, it can destroy a Crown Tower with just two hits. But Electro Wizard can match this destructive power of Sparky. Every attack of this card will result in the same level of damage as Lightning or a Zap. So, Sparky will be rendered useless when the Electro Wizard is used against it.

Players Need To Use The Card For Crowd Control

If a player deploys the Electro Wizard, it will destroy the area around it. This will also stop channeling units such as the Dark Prince and Sparky. When a player encounters a multiple unit card such as a Skeleton Army, he must drop the Electro Wizard to the ground at once. This will destroy the oncoming troops and stop any massive damage that could ensue. Players of Clash Royale should remember that this card is much better in controlling crowds than taking down towers.

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