Overwatch News, Update: Latest Patch To Bring Improvements In Buying Loots

It seems that Bungie is not yet done with improvements in Overwatch. The latest patch made it easier for the players to buy what they want in the game. Also, the patch provided minor bug fixes to ensure gameplay changes.

Latest Patch In Overwatch Brings Easy Purchases And More

Players can now purchase whatever they want in Overwatch. According to PC GamesN, the newest patch will improve the store in the game. Blizzard made sure that the players will not have a hard time in purchasing loot boxes in the game.

First update in the store is called Simple Checkout. The players now have more options of how they can pay their purchases in Overwatch. The next update is about decreased volume of cars in Oasis background in Hero Gallery.

Also, the latest patch allows the players to resurrect whenever they die in any locations in the map with the help of Mercy. There is a bug fix regarding Sombra's problem of roaming around the restricted areas in the map. Lastly, the update will fix the problem with the garden point in Oasis from being covered by the second floor walkway above it.

New And Improved D.Va Got The Fans Irritated

The hero in Overwatch, D.Va, just got nerfed. As per MMO Examiner, Blizzard made sure that the character is stronger than before. She has now 400 HP and 200 Armor. However, the fans were not happy with the recent update.

They observed that D.Va's update bored them while using her in Overwatch. But not all fans hated what Blizzard has done in order to balance the character's power. Hopefully, players will just embrace the recent changes in the game.

Overwatch is one of the best MMO games. The fans are still interested in playing the game so it will be better for Blizzard to keep updating the game that will solve and will fix the problems that keep on popping in the game.

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