Hearthstone News: Cards Will Be Upgraded If Fans Continue To Play Them

Before Blizzard continues to update Hearthstone, the developer wants to get the assurance of the players that they will keep on playing the game. Also, the developer has major plans in improving the game that will surely revamp the cards and decks.

What Is Wrong With Pirate Cards In Hearthstone?

First of all, Blizzard has plans for Pirate cards in Hearthstone. According to PC Gamer, Dean Ayala, head designer of the game, explained that the cards have been highly used by the players and they did not expect it.

But it is not good news for Blizzard because players have many choices of decks in Hearthstone. The winrate of the pirate deck is 52 percent and that is the top deck in the developer's list. However, when the company compared the first and 11th deck, the latter has 49 percent winrate. This means that the players can shift from different cards.

Bungie's Plan For Pirate Cards To Be More Useful

In Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Ayala clearly said that the only cards Blizzard has trouble with is the Pirate cards. Although, the developer will only update the deck if it will also be used by the players effectively.

These winrates have Blizzard thinking of how effective Pirate cards are. The developer is planning to upgrade the cards if the players will keep on playing them. As per PC GamesN, in order for the company to keep the players using the cards is to use Standard Rotation.

This means that the players can use different decks with fewer cards in Hearthstone. This is one of the plans of Bungie to measure the usage of the cards within every different decks. Also, this will not only affect the winrates but also prevent the prediction of decks by other players in the game.

Hopefully, Blizzard will update the cards especially the pirate decks in Hearthstone. However, there is no assurance if the developer will update the strongest cards in the decks. The players need to do for now is to win every game.

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