Google Makes It Mandatory For All Android 7.1 Nougat Devices To Support Interactive Notifications

Google just announced that all handset manufacturers that are planning to launch phones running on Android 7.1 Nougat and above are required to support the new notification feature. Since Google already outlined its terms in the Compatibility Definition Document, OEMs have no choice but to comply with this mandate.

Google CDD Update

Google decided to make a bold move to include interactive notification in the newest features of Android 7.0 Nougat. All handset manufacturers are applying for Android support and certification from Google should comply. Without this certification, OEMs will not be able to offer the full suite of Android applications that Google supports in the handsets they are offering.

The updated CDD from Google indicates certain terms on using the interactive notification feature. This ensures that all handset models running on Nougat will support the notification update irrespective of the launcher or the UI skin in the device.

Android Nougat Native Notifications

With this newest update, Google wants to make sure that OEMs will not obstruct the native notification features of the Android Nougat. This interactive feature allows the user to reply to messages or make changes in the phone's settings without going to the app itself.

With this change, Google can provide Android user with a uniform experience across all platforms. It is worth noting that most manufacturers tweak the software and there are some who go overboard with customizations. While Google understands that manufacturers want to provide its users with a unique experience, the company does not want to compromise the improved navigation and accessibility provided by Android Nougat.

The Android Nougat from Google is bound to improve the user experience. Although the Android software can use much improvement, there a lot of awesome features such as the multi-window and the quick switch feature that support multitasking. Only a few smartphones are running on Android Nougat but as newer models are introduced, this software will make its way to more devices.

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