Star Wars: Force Arena: Beginners' Guide To Mini-Map, Free Packs, Card Packs

Star Wars: Force Arena tips and tricks have been revealed online allowing newbies to follow through the game more easily. Newbies may learn when to get a free Card Pack and the unique pairings of the leaders in the game. Furthermore, Android players may now get to play the mobile version of Star Wars: Force Arena from the Google Play Store.

Character Combos Cannot Be Broken

First off, the leader characters in Star Wars: Force Arena reportedly come in pairs. For instance Han Solo fights alongside Chewbacca while Director Krennic is always seen paired with the Death Squad Leader. On that note, partners may not be paired with other leaders as the effectivity of the duo may only be utilized when they are together.

The Star Wars: Force Arena mini map may also be useful for players to see where the position of the opponent's leader. Moreover, the mini map also features the units deployed by the opponent along with their weak points. It should further be noted that free Card Packs are given every four hours but Star Wars: Force Arena players may only save up to three at a time. Note that completing matches may earn players Play Packs. Each victory equals three Play Points and 10 Play Points equals one Play Pack.

New Card-Style Star Wars: Force Arena Comes To Android Devices

In other news, game publisher NetMarble reportedly introduced a new Star Wars: Force Arena on the Google Play Store. The free-to-play MOBA style game reportedly packs a number of collectible card elements. A hero may also be chosen from either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

The Star Wars: Force Arena Android gamers may collect character cards to form a squad. Note that characters may also be upgraded. Furthermore, 1v1 and 2v2 online multiplayer games are also supported on the Android game, especially on pairing characters. Much like the game, competing and winning battles may also unlock bonus items and other special rewards.

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