Pokemon GO: Niantic Poll Reveals Fans Await Halloween Celebration In 2017 [More Than Anything Else]

A Pokemon GO poll reportedly revealed fans rooting for a Halloween Celebration in 2017. In addition, the introduction of 100 new Gen 2 Pokemon as well as Legendaries are also expected to roll out this year. Furthermore, a new tool has been revealed to track how many years it will take for players to reach level 40.

Pokemon GO Players Want Thank You Event, Too

It has been revealed that the second choice for Pokemon GO players this year is a Thank You Event as Well as a Holiday Season event. In the meantime, more than half of the participants chose to go for a Halloween Event in 2017. Note that the first event for Pokemon GO this year, the New Year's event reportedly finished successfully.

Moreover, Pokemon GO players are expected to catch 100 new Pokemon monsters via the Gen 2 Pokemon update this year. Previously, Niantic was able to release a handful of Baby Pokemon in the game. In addition, a spring-themed event is also said to be in the works for Pokemon GO which may include the Bird type Pokemon, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. The update is expected to roll out in May 2017. Additionally, Shiny Pokemon with 3D version is allegedly in the works as well.

Max Level in Pokemon GO Takes Years To Reach

In other news, it has been revealed that Pokemon GO players may need to keep walking for plenty of years before reaching Level 40. Niantic is expected to continue releasing updates as a motivational tool for the Pokemon GO fans. Apparently, Pokemon GO players may take years to finish the game even when playing for hours on end all day.

A Pokemon GO tool has recently been released on the Pokemon GO Hub to figure out the amount of time left to reach level 40. The Pokemon GO Level Speed Calculator reportedly calculates based on the current level, days played as of date and the target level. Note that players may need 20 million XP to reach the maximum level.

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