Final Fantasy XV News: Square Enix Might Be Changing The Foundation Of The Game, Here's What We Know

Players have noticed that Final Fantasy XV seems to look like it is unfinished. Of course, Square Enix has major plans in upgrading the gameplay. The developer said that the upcoming patches that will be released would change the game.

How Square Enix Plans To Change Final Fantasy XV?

According to Gaming Bolt, Square Enix plans to improve the game with the upcoming DLC and expansions that will be added in Final Fantasy XV. The developer wants to see the game improve and that is why it is determined  to change the necessary features that can make the game more sensible.

Square Enix' director, Hajime Tabata, explained that the team wants Final Fantasy XV to evolve the game by changing the foundation story of the game. Tabata also said that the only way to do that is by preparing new initiatives.

As per Express, Square Enix has unannounced expansion for one of the much anticipated games last year. The developer has teased the fans that the upcoming multiplayer mode of Final Fantasy XV will change how the players' react to the game.

The Reasons Why Fans Want To See An Improved Final Fantasy XV

At the start of Final Fantasy XV, players seem to enjoy the game but as soon as they have gone deeper in the game, they begin to question Square Enix' vision about the game. Now, they are wondering how the developer plans to integrate the upcoming updates.

In addition, Final Fantasy XV fans have been commenting that the game needs something in order for them not to lose their interest. They have seen that the latter chapters of the game do not fit in the game and do not make sense.

The fans want Square Enix to improve Final Fantasy XV with the updates that the developer promises to release. They are hoping that the soon-to-be released updates can give justice to the chapters that are not fitted to the storyline.

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