Three Steam Games Worth Checking But You Probably Missed Last Week

It is a not new information for Steam players to know that there are new games released every day. Although, it is important to keep that in mind if they want to maximize their subscription in the site. As a recap, these are the three new titles that can be considered as the next popular games that players may have skipped or missed last week.

Rise & Shine Has Received Positive Reviews

According to PC Gamer, the game was released last Jan. 13 with a price of $14.99. It is a combination of puzzle and action-packed games. If the players are familiar with Metal Slug, then, they can notice how Rise & Shine is somewhat similar. the game is available for Xbox One, too.

Rise & Shine is about the two heroes Rise and Shine. The former has a talking gun that can be very helpful when they have to save Gamearth. They will have to face different bosses and robot before they can finally beat the game.

The only way to succeed in Rise & Shine is to shoot fast but players need to think faster. As per iDigital Times, they can use Shine's ability in solving puzzles to enable the players to make their bullets faster. Also, the players need to escape the flesh-eating zombies in the game.

Power Hover Is Available On Steam

The game was available last Jan. 10 and costs $7.99. The players will have to use the robots as their hoverboards. It is like a skateboarding game because the players need to avoid obstacles that they will encounter in Power Hover.

The main story of the game is about retrieving what was stolen in the robot village. According to Gamasutra, there are 35 levels that the players have to finish. Oddrok, the developer of the game, made it visually appealing to the players.

The players can challenge their friends in Power Hover in Challenge levels. The players can explore and roam around within different landscapes of the game. Lastly, the camera angle changes to match with the players' activities in the game.

Pit People Has The Potential To Be One Of The Best RPGs

The Behemoth has developed another exciting RPG that can follow Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater. Pit People was released last Jan. 13 but for those who have early access are allowed to play the game on Steam.

As per MMOExaminer, the players have to get many unique species and acquire loots that can be useful while they are playing Pit People. They can also play in a 2v2 arena that can accommodate up to four players. The game has a single player and two-player co-op story.

Pit People has different quests that players can participate in. In addition, there are various maps that the players can explore while playing in AI challenges and Versus mode. Xbox One players can also access the demo version of the game in Xbox One Game Preview. However, the full game will cost $19.99.

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