God Of War 4: New Updates Revealed, Kratos' Son Is Stronger Than You Think

Thanks to a Twitter user and an avid fan of the game, he was able to discover what Kratos’ son’s name. He is called Atreus. This was also acknowledged by its director.

Slowly but surely, players are having a clear idea on what Kratos' son will bring in the game. Although Cory Barlog(Sony Santa Monica Creative Director) haven’t really provided us an insight about his character, the name says it all. Atreaus as per Greek world is a vile and vicious guy. He might have some similarities with his father, but he is considered as a monster.

God Of War 4: Update Revealed

The last update that the gaming community heard about God Of War 4 was late last year. It is where they showed for the first time a clip of Kratos teaching his son how to hunt. It is also visible that his son is skilled with the use of bow and arrows. A few days ago, the creative director of the game provided the gaming world an update on God of War 4. He stated that most of the motion capture footage has been shot and the game is already playable. They’ve also released an MP3 file of the games Overture.

God Of War 4: Kratos’ Son

As stated, there are no concrete details provided yet by the developers of the game about Atreus role. However, if we are going to somehow decode his story, we might need to check his background. According to Greek Mythology, Atreus is ruthless. The story of him helping his brother kill their half-brother still echoes to the halls of Olympia. Atreus will do anything to get what he wants whenever he wants.

God Of War 4: How evil is Atreus?

He might be the most evil character in God of War franchise. When Atreus took the throne from his brother Thyestes, he discovered that her wife and brother was having an affair. Atreus was devastated and his punishment to his wife and his brother is very animalistic. He killed all of Thyestes’ sons and fed it to him.

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