Quick Guides On How To Set Up And Lock Down Your Playstation 4

Playstation 4 has been one of the wish lists of every kid and kids-at-heart to date. With many downloadable games readily available, parents should never worry about what their children are installing. As Sony is serious in taking care of their consumers, here's a quick guide to gain control over the games that younger users are downloading from the Playstation 4:

Tips And Tricks To Safeguard Your Playstation 4: Setting Up Your Device's Master Account

One of the unique features of the Playstation 4 is the PlayStation Plus membership. Once subscribed, it would allow every user to play online on their device. But recently, many games have been available that is not advisable for everyone to download. With this, a master account and a sub-account per child are deemed necessary to safeguard your devices from any game that would be really harmful to your children.

To start set-up, click on the PS button visible on your PlayStation 4 controller. If there would be no local accounts available, create a new user. Once done, accept the user agreement and sign in to the PlayStation Network. Create your own account and follow the guides given to be able to start up your account. Verify your e-mail address to sign in your console's account.

Once done on your console, set up PSN account on the browser. To create an account, you need to access the official PlayStation website and click Sign In. Go to start and follow the guides given in the web provided. Once done, verify the account through your chosen email address. If you would be signing in PS4 or Vita, set up your specified password to pass through putting on new code every time you log in. This would allow everyone to safeguard your account from any intruders.

Guides In Setting Up Sub Account For PlayStation Users Under 17 Years Old

After that, you need to set-up the sub-account for users who are under 17-years old. This would not allow them to purchase a game without the owner's permission. To set up, sign into your own account:

 Click on settings > Parental controls a sub-account management > create a new sub-account > click on X > next > register user

Fill up all necessary information asked by the account and verify through the given link on your e-mail address.

To finally gain control over the games being download on your PlayStation 4: click on Settings > Parental controls > Restrict use of PS4 features.

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