Get Samsung Gear Fit 2 For Free, Here's How To Avail One

With all the celebrations that had happened for the past weeks, many people are looking out for great ways to get fit and healthy, considering that it would be budget friendly as well. With this, Samsung is giving away its Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker for free. Here's a clear instruction of how you could get to enjoy one:

Get Samsung Gear Fit 2 For Free Once You Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The fitness tracker is said to be free once you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The said promo would be available for users across the UK who had their S7 Edge from the timeframe of January 12 and February 28. Once qualified, you'll be able to have your promo code through the official website of Samsung.

According to Daily Star, the deal would be readily available for the smartphone that is bought on either online or in-store. The Gear Fit 2 is perfect for those who would want to get fit this year. It has an integrated GPS and a heart rate sensor, which would be able to track down all your activity and information that is related to your fitness.

Gear Fit 2 Specs And Details Revealed, Here's Why You Would Love To Own One

The said tracker is also more that tracking your running time. It also gives emphasis to your cycling, elliptical work and many more. It could also count the calories that you've burned at the moment.

One admirable thing about the gadget is that it also gives an update regarding the distances that you've reach while running and your latest run route.

Its physical appearance is also stunning as it features a great screen display with multiple color options to choose from. Make sure that this deal will not pass through your hands as it would be a win-win situation once you purchase it.

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