Global Warming Causes Large Portion Of Japan's Coral Reef To Die

It has been reported that the environment is rapidly deteriorating due to the rise of global warming that the planet is currently suffering in right now. It has been said that about 70 percent of Japan's coral reef has already died because of this.

Coral Reefs In Japan Dying Down Due To Warm Ocean Waters Led By Global Warming

According to some reports, the environment of Japan has claimed that about 70 percent of their coral reefs of the Sekisei lagoon located in Okinawa have already died down with today's global warming to blame. The phenomenon known to have killed their corals is known as bleaching, which occurs when warm water causes the coral to turn white. This is due to the process that the warm water makes the coral eject off the algae that is living in their tissues. Thus, the coral then eventually dies due to lack of nutrition. The government of Japan has raised concerns after the recent survey showed how much their corals have been dying in the last couple of years.

Rise In Ocean Water Temperature A Threat To All Organisms Living Under The Ocean

There have been reports claiming that the temperature of the southern part of Okinawa where the corals are living have been higher by one to two degrees Celsius than its usual temperature. This has even been the highest average temperature ever recorded in the area since 1982, which was confirmed by the Japan meteorological society. This has then started raising concerns about today's climate change brought about by the obvious global warming that has currently been happening.

Due to the higher temperature that has been happening, the oceans have become warmer and may prompt most of the corals to have really undergone the process of bleaching. It may not just be Japan's coral reefs up for extinction, but it is also a threat to the rest of the world. Bleaching may now normally occur in coral reefs due to the rapid change in today's climate and there might be no way to stop it unless there is a massive change in the planet's environment.

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