Believe It Or Not, 4Chan Trolls Could Have Made Up The Story About Donald Trump And His Unusual Sexual Activity

The Russian hacking is definitely one of the most controversial topics right now, since in addition to the way in which the DNC data and John Podesta´s emails were stolen in order to harm Hillary Clinton´s image, the U.S. intelligence agencies unveiled a classified document in which it´s revealed that the Kremlin also has compromising information about Donald Trump. Apparently, one source suggested that the president-elect hired some prostitutes in Russia and asked them to urinate each other in front of him.

The Story About Donald Trump And The Prostitutes Could Have Been Made Up By 4Chan Users

Although this explosive and extremely controversial information was published by several media -despite the fact that some editors doubted its reliability and authenticity, it´s now suggested that it could be a lie, since some 4Chan users claimed that this was all an invention that some of the members created. Apparently, there were some users who invented the information as some kind of fan fiction and gave it as a prank to the Republican consultant Rick Wilson, who eventually gave it to the CIA, as it was stated in a 4Chan post on November 1.

In fact, a Twitter user called ST Prudence tweeted some messages in which is suggested that even the 35-page dossier in which the intelligence agencies pointed the compromising information was also made up. The account also posting jokes about the way in which the fan fiction was passed to the CIA and the media, thinking it was true.

4Chan Users Didn't Show Any Evidence To Support Their Allegations

Although the posts made on Twitter and 4Chan actually exist, it is important to note that just as the alleged information that was published about president-elect Donald Trump is not 100 percent sure that what 4Chan users claims are the truth, considering that it´s not explained in any kind of details about the history or how it got to Wilson.

Actually, Wilson responded to the allegations against him, explaining that he never received the information from 4Chan users, never pitched it, never shared it, and never requested it. Regardless of the outcome of this situation, Donald Trump will definitely face a huge controversy because of this.

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