Pokemon Sun And Moon: The Weakest 7th Gen Pokemon Revealed

TOP 10 WEAKEST 7th GEN POKEMON in Pokemon Sun and Moon!
Pokemon Sun And Moon had released some of the strongest 7th Gen Pokemon. However, there are Pokemon that are tagged as weak due to a variety of reasons. Photo : Verlisify / YouTube

There are a lot of things to consider before you label a certain character weak. This might come in the form of expectations from the players or basing it to through their stats.

Pokemon Sun and Moon released its 7th Gen Pokemon early last year. Most of the fans thought that all 7th Gen will be at least above average or close to a legendary status. But that is not the case as players reported. There were some Pokemon who looks very intimidating and too good to be true but during the battle, they are but ordinary characters only.

This simple thing upsets players. They tend to lose their cool during the game because their expectation of their Pokemon is not happening in reality. We compiled almost all of the threads with regards to the weakest 7th gen Pokemon and here’s the list. Before we name the weakest 7th gen Pokemon, this list is not in order and it is just an opinion from its players. So, here we go.

Togedemaru(Steel Type)

I’m not really quite sure why a lot of players still thinks that Togedemaru will be a tank type or a hard hitting Pokemon. Just by barely looking at this Pokemon, you will already have an idea if its is deadly or not. However, as they say, looks can be deceiving, like Comfey. No need to further discuss its weakness, just look at its stats.

Alolan Persian

To tell you honestly, I was hyped up when they introduced Alolan Persian. However, it was a total disappointment when I tried using this Pokemon during the game. HP is very low and can be killed by hard hitters in one hit. Alolan Persian is somehow fast but its defense cannot compliment his movement.


Another Pokemon that didn’t live up the hype. First of all, it looks very intimidating with his very large claws and massive frame. Unfortunately, he is very weak. He might have high HP but none of his stats were able to reach 100(except for normal Atk 101). Guzzlord is very slow, which is easier for other Pokemon to target. Any Pokemon that will face Guzzlord will surely be victorious.

Alolan Sandslash

Alolan Sandslash is a Pokemon that is good in hiding(as per official Pokemon S&M website). Once the are buried in the snow, the only thing that exposed from them is their “deadly” spikes. Alolan Sandslash is relatively heavy due to the ice/snow that is covering its body. With a low HP and very slow speed, this Pokemon is another easy feast for other Pokemon.


I guess there is no need to further discuss why Bruxish is considered the weakest 7th Generation Pokemon. Let us check its stats one by one. Bruxish HP is 65, defense, special defense and special attack all 70. Its skill set is below average. He is very weak with any type of Pokemon. No impeccable defense or whatsoever, that is why he is the weakest 7th gen Pokemon ever.

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