Weight Loss Tip: Drinking Wine At Night Makes You Skinny

In happy news for wine lovers, a new research reveals that drinking wine can actually be a weight-loss tip. Those who are also trying to be skinny can try the suggested formula of a maximum of two glasses in the evening. New and more studies that further establish connections of wine to weight loss are on the way.

Scientists from Harvard and Washington University have found a link between a regular-to-moderate wine intake to a healthy body weight. The Harvard study ran for over 13 years and have analyzed 20,000 women for variables like weight gain, alcohol consumption and exercise.Researchers concluded that normal weight women who drank a light to moderate amount of alcohol gained less pounds and have reduced their risk of obesity in comparison with those who don't consume at all.

Another study from the Washington State University focused on finding the truth about resveratrol present in wine which is a type of polyphenol that makes fat easier and smoother to burn off. The finding shows the list of fruits which are loaded with resveratrol. It's application ranges from finding treatment for obesity to developing weight-loss tips, the Yibada says.

So how does resveratrol burn fats? According to the Express, resveratrol is a form of natural phenol that has anti-oxidant effects. It protects the body from various micro damages that it incurs from the wrong diet, medications, pollutants, and other harmful elements present in the environment.

When consumed, it promotes the growth of 'brown' fat cells which is a type of fat that is very easy to burn off by the body. 'White' fat cells on the other hand, is the type which is retained in the body to form love handles since they are the hardest to burn off. Moderate drinking of wine is not just a weight-loss tip as studies also find that it also decreases the risk of heart diseases.


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