Work-Related Stress Could Possibly Lead To Cancer

Stress can have adverse effects on health. Most people think of heart related issues whenever stress is involved. Work-related stress though could possibly lead to cancer as well.

The work-related stress has been seen in people who have been in stressful jobs for more than 15 years. The study has found that men who held at least four stressful jobs at a time. Some of them even held a dozen or more jobs. It is not only that they are in stressful jobs, but that they have held them for around 15 to 30 years.

The study has been conducted by the INRS together with the Universite de Montreal. Some of the types of cancer that the study participants are likely to get include lung cancer, colon cancer, rectal and stomach cancer. The body parts involved have also been known to be the most affected during times of stress.

Some jobs are also more stressful than others. Some of the most stressful jobs that the study has found include being a firefighter, mechanic foreman, industrial engineer and vehicle and railway equipment repair worker. Stress could also vary depending on the person who is experiencing it, according to the INRS site. Other factors could also contribute to stress.

Most stress in work is due to high work volume and time. Other factors though play in it as well. Stress could also be brought about by temperament, job security, financial issues and work conditions. Daily commute and interpersonal office conflict can also cause stress, as Science Daily reports.

The researchers have noted that earlier cancer studies have not factored in work-related stress. It has not been possible to know how the duration of work-related stress could have with cancer until the study has been made. The researchers have said that there is a need to have more studies related to stress and how to measure it as well as how would relate to cancer.

Stress could cause many effects on a person. Work-related stress could possibly lead to cancer, as the study shows. A study also shows that mini strokes could cause dementia.

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