League Of Legends Latest News: Sandbox Mode Is Coming Soon; Will Serve As Players’ Practice Tool?

At last, the much-awaited sandbox mode of League of Legends is going live soon. It has been called by its game developer, Riot Games, as the Practice Tool. Apparently, it serves as a device to train gamers on how the video game's latest features or functions are used. If that is true, then this tool will enhance the players' gaming experience.

The Practice Tool Will Not Work On Older Version

Gamers can only access this tool by downloading the new Legacy client since it is not designed to work on the older version. They need to go to Training, and then click the Practice Tool button in order to access this tool. This is a surprise move for Riot Games since about a year ago it has no intention of releasing the Practice Tool for League of Legends.

The Release Of The Practice Tool Was Confirmed

Riot Games confirmed the release of the Practice Tool in the game's website. It has also revealed some details about of its plans for the League of Legends tool. Apparently, the game developer is intent on including teleportation, turret immunity, cool down resets, training dummies and many more.

Players Can Only Play With Dummies

At this time, a player cannot include other gamers in this game mode. And it appears this will remain even if the tool goes live. This is disappointing to some avid gamers of League of Legends since it is a game pitting one team against another. With this tool, they have to play with dummies.

These dummies are the Practice Tool's only assets that will record a player's DPS in League of Legends. They will also indicate the amount of damage the player has done overall, as well as the amount of damage achieved by every attack. But these dummies have 100 magic resist as well as 100 armor. That means, the total damage a player did will not be the same amount of damage he can do in-game.

No Exact Date Was Announced

Riot Games has not yet announced the exact date the Practice Tool of League of Legends will go live. But players can expect it to be released in a couple of weeks. Furthermore, gamers can expect that this tool may undergo some changes before it is released since this is the nature of PBEs.

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