League Of Legends Warwick Rework Latest News: Gorgeous Trailer Reveals Werewolf Hunting Party And New Changes; More Details Coming Soon

Some reports last week have given the fans of League of Legends Warwick Rework some hints about the backstory of the werewolf. They say that Warwick could have been a failed experiment of Singed. That experiment supposedly turned the Champion into a creature somewhat similar to Wolverine of the Marvel Universe.

A New Trailer Showed The Powers Of Warwick

As if to hype the interest of fans for League of Legends Warwick Rework, its game developer, Riot Games, has released a trailer of the video game. This trailer showed how this Wolverine-like creature can rip apart those who cross his path. It is a chilling video teaser that will whet the appetite of fans who relish this kind of action.

In the teaser trailer of League of Legends Warwick Rework, there are two armed-to-the-teeth Zaun Criminals who are trying to escape from the undercity. They accidentally saw a tube that can lead them out to the surface. However, Warwick sensed their presence and that sealed the fate of the two thugs.

Warwick Appears To Be More Than A Werewolf

When one of the thieves accidentally cut his hands from the broken metalwork he is holding, the syringe on Warwick's back instantly pops up and turns orange. The alpha dog also grew bigger in the trailer of League of Legends Warwick Rework. He jumped on the two hoodlums and proceeded to cut them up before they have a chance to run away.

The video trailer of League of Legends Warwick Rework seems to portray Warwick as more than just a werewolf. He appears to have a metal claw that he can activate depending on his mood. The teaser showed his metal claw glowing and infused with green liquid when he is ready to fight an enemy.

More Changes Will Be Implemented In League of Legends Warwick Rework

It appears that the old attack of Warwick in the previous installment will be replaced by this new and more damaging claw attack. And it seems that this will not be the only change in the champions of League of Legends Warwick Rework. Riot Games confirmed that a "State of Champion" blog is coming out in late January or early February this year. This might be the channel by which the game developer will inform fans of the upcoming changes and updates on the video game.

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