MUFON Exec Discusses About UFO Sightings And Possible Cover-Ups

The existence of UFO and aliens has long been a debate. Every year, hundreds of UFO sightings are reported from across the world. Some of them still have no scientific explanations up to now. Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) executive director Jan Harzan gave his insights about UFO sightings and possible cover-ups in a recent interview.

MUFON is a non-profit organization which investigates UFOs. They serve as a network where the public can send reports about UFOs. They conduct a scientific investigation of the report and releases the data to the public. To date, there are at least 100,000 cases of UFO sightings in their database.

In an interview with Forbes, Harzan recounted cases which will certainly make people re-evaluate their belief in aliens. One compelling story is about men who found a disc-shaped UFO in the forest in 1975. One of the men, Travis, quickly approached the object and was struck with a beam of light. Filled with fear, the other men quickly fled the scene and unconscious Travis mysteriously disappeared with the UFO. Days later Travis re-appeared and reported that he was taken aboard a ship with creatures who didn't look like humans. The men were subjected to lie detector tests and all of them passed.

Harzan has his personal experience with UFOs. As, a child, he witnessed a UFO hovering over their backyard which he described as a "life-changing experience." He also gave his insights on why the government is covering up news on extraterrestrial beings. Alien believers accuse the government of covering up UFO news. The most recent was the flashing lights seen in the International Space Station according to Daily Mail.

On the cover-up of UFO news, he commented that it might be because the government thinks that the citizens are not ready for such revelations or due to threat to national technology. He also gave a possible explanation on why there are many UFO sightings on Earth. "I would say first that our planet is unique, at least in our solar system, as three-quarters of it is water. And second, we are abundant in resources and rare-earth metals. Another thought is we might be known as the "vacation spot" of the universe," Harzan said.

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