Nintendo Switch Launch Won't Have Netflix And Other Multimedia Functions

Nintendo recently officially announced the Nintendo Switch and presented it to the world with tons of things to look forward to. Aside from launching it soon this year, several numbers of titles are lined up to launch alongside the new Nintendo Switch console. But it seems like that the said up and coming console will only not be having multimedia features.

During Nintendo’s recent presentation of Nintendo Switch, declaring that it will be out in the markets in the first quarter of this year, many video games and their features were also tackled. But it has just been reported that the awaited Nintendo Switch will be having limited features. The Switch is said to support only video games, probably in the meantime.

With all the neat things that the Nintendo Switch can do, accessing all kinds and sizes of screens at probably any time and any place, one would hope that they would be making the most out of it. But it has just been reported that Nintendo Switch will not be able to support Netflix and other multimedia functions, therefore watching movies and television series through the said console is off the list. This news has disappointed those who had looked forward to the Switch, which unfortunately had access to other applications.

The Business Insider has delved on this and revealed that the Nintendo Switch will not be replacing everyone’s handy tab that’s good for almost everything. It has emphasized that this new Nintendo portable console is solely dedicated to gaming. It has also been revealed that Kit Ellis, who works in Nintendo, has said that the company has no plans on venturing on multimedia features for the Nintendo Switch.

This might be a huge let down who were expecting to have such features in Nintendo Switch since the older Nintendo portable consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U were able to support Netflix and other related applications. Nevertheless, the other half who are looking forward to Nintendo Switch are in for the video games so it probably won’t matter that much to them. The said Nintendo Switch is set to release this March 3.

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