‘King Of Fighters: World' Mobile Game Announced, Trailer Released

The popular “The King of Fighters: World” fighting video game series is getting a mobile version. SNK has just made the announcement that the said video game will be heading to smartphones soon. Along with that announcement, a new trailer for the mobile version has been released.

SNK has announced that it will be releasing “The King of Fighters: World” on mobile soon. It has been revealed that this is the first time that the developers will be venturing on a new platform for a new genre. Unlike its simple fighting video game, this mobile game application is set to be the first online massive multiplayer role playing video game that the said developers will be launching.

Through the trailer it recently released, SNK has revealed that the up and coming “The King of Fighters: World” mobile game will be having new features wherein users have to play through the story with a series of mind-boggling puzzles and a lot of fighting battles. Nevertheless, the mobile version will also be featuring familiar and popular characters from the “King of Fighters” franchise. The trailer that SNK released has been titled as a concept movie, clearly giving fans a tease of the characters who will be showing up in the game and what the story might just be all about.

The mobile game application titled “The King of Fighters: World” is set to release this year. It will be made available on both iOS and Android wherein fans all over the world will clearly not miss out on any of the impending fun and fighting. The mobile game is initially set to launch in China while SNK has yet to announce more details on where the said upcoming mobile game will be also be released. SNK has partnered up with Atlus USA to release “The King of Fighters XIV” in North America just last August 2016 and hopefully, the mobile game will head to western territories soon.

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