Final Fantasy XV New Update Adds Self-Photography Feature But There's A Catch

By K.C , Jan 19, 2017 04:20 AM EST

Square Enix will drop yet another update for Final Fantasy XV containing Holidays packs and a new feature called Self-Photography Function - but there's a catch. Here's what to expect for the next update which is expected to drop next week:

Final Fantasy XV: January Update

There's good news and a little bit of a bad news for all Final Fantasy XV fans as Square Enix just announced the upcoming update of the game which will contain both the Holiday packs (Premium and Free) as well as a new additional feature called Self-Photography Function. Here's the translated version of the official announcement courtesy of Siliconera:

Holiday Pack+ (Premium)

Mog Chocobo Carnival commences
Carnival Style Costume (Noctis-exclusive)
Photo frames "Holiday Pack+ Limited Version"

Holiday Pack (Free Version)

Mog Chocobo Carnival commences
Mog Choco T-Shirt costume (Noctis-exclusive)
Photo frame "Holiday Pack (Free Version) Limited Version"

Self-Photography Function

A new feature that allows players to quickly and conveniently take photographs at any given time - except during battles. Upon the announcement, many fans are quite disappointed that they wouldn't be able to use the feature during live battles which often provide the most memorable and iconic moments. If Square Enix is planning to hold live or secret events in the future, it wouldn't be wise to prevent players from capturing the surreal moment, especially during fights, right?

Moreover, fans are quite disappointed by the fact that you're limited to 150 photos only which definitely is a fun-spoiler for most considering that the Final Fantasy series always contain some of the most vivid and spectacular visuals than any game there is. Fans from Reddit urged Square to increase the photo limit for them to capture and store several memorable moments in the game. The upcoming Final Fantasy update will go live on January 24th.

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