Resident Evil 7: How To Unlock End-Game Content

Resident Evil 7 players are currently busy with the leak that reveals the endgame rewards. In addition, the players also get the chance to unlock the endgame content.

Here Is How To Unlock Resident Evil 7 Endgame Content

The endgame content of Resident Evil 7 can be unlocked by Infinite Ammo and Chainsaw fuel, players to be brave when finding the first chainsaw or gun. On the other hand, Special Glasses reportedly allow the player to use the game's puzzles or items when there is a chance to unlock different endings.

However, despite being confirmed, the leaker of these Resident Evil 7 content did not reveal how to reach to each of them. Meantime, other reports indicate there is another unidentified unlock in the game.

Resident Evil 7 reports also suggest that among the requirements in unlocking the endgame content is by completing the game in less than four hours. Also, the use of the item box for several times can unlock some feature in the game.

Evidently, the two requirements are among the conditions to unlock an achievement or trophy in Resident Evil 7. Reports hint at the likelihood that receiving a particular trophy can provide the players with one of the endgame items. Meantime, the full list of trophies have reportedly been leaked on NeoGAF.

Resident Evil 7 Free DLC And Season Pass Details Will Soon Be Announced

Resident Evil 7 free DLC entitled Not A Hero, which comes in the Spring of 2017 and Season Pass details are expected to be announced by Capcom following its launch. According to reports, the story expansion will not include the game's protagonist Ethan Winters. Also, the free DLC is reported to offer a different style of gameplay.

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