Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Spoilers: What Can Be Done In The First 10 Hours

Resident Evil 7 spoilers have reportedly surfaced all over the internet showing players how to complete the game shortly along with details about its ending. It has been revealed that leaked copies of the Resident Evil 7 have been obtained by several gamers that allegedly included the ending. Furthermore, a Paid DLC as well as a free DLC is slated to launch in spring.

Get All Tracked Collectibles In 10 hours

It is believed that the pre-release copies of Resident Evil 7 may have left nothing to the curiosity of the gamers. Apparently, it has allegedly been revealed that the various skills of the players may dictate the time of completion of the game that may take as long as 20 hours or as short as 10 hours. One Resident Evil 7 player reportedly noted cutting gameplay time by half while other gamers noted dying or restarting in-game at least 110 times.

However, it is yet to be revealed how quickly the Resident Evil 7 player may need to move through the game or what may be missed. In the meantime, it was revealed that players may opt for Normal difficulty for average players to beat the clock. Note that others on a more difficult level have revealed completing the game in 15 to 20 hours.

Free DLC For Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero Launches In Spring

In other news, Famitsu reportedly revealed that an upcoming DLC may be released free-to-play for Resident Evil 7 gamers. It has been noted that the new content may feature a short story scenario that may separate from Ethan. Previously, Capcom also revealed a DLC with the preorder bonus Survival Pack to unlock in-game items.

Resident Evil 7 players may also opt to play on an additional difficulty mode as well. Moreover, a season pass has already been confirmed with more meaningful content. The Steam Page reportedly reveal two volumes of Banned Footage and another story episode on the way for PC, PS4 and Xbox One players.

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