Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Brings In Strange Footage? YouTuber Ports To Grand Theft Auto 4

A Super Mario Odyssey trailer was recently spotted online combining elements with Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 4. A YouTuber reportedly implemented several mods for GTA 4 to create the Super Mario Odyssey parody footage. In addition, the open-world sandbox game has also been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

Mario Flies A Helicopter In Liberty City

The Super Mario Odyssey fan and YouTuber CrowbCat reportedly created the footage. Mario was reportedly seen in several situations in Liberty City getting hit by a car or falling of a building. Mario was also featured in a strip club doing backflips that break his neck. A Cinco de Mayo-inspired imagery was also seen in the footage.

The Super Mario Odyssey parody further featured landscapes noted with a psychedelic design. For instance, an area featured in the video showed scenery based on fractal and polygonal shapes. In the meantime, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto reportedly confirmed that the title was crafted with the core gamers in mind.

Super Mario Odyssey fans may have to wait longer as more information on the title may be reserved for the E3 2017 event. However, contrary to the parody video, the title may not share many similarities with the GTA 4 video game. On the other hand, it is believed that there would be some resemblance to Liberty City.

Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer For Super Mario Odyssey Revealed

In other news, a trailer recently launched revealed that Super Mario Odyssey may be an open-world sandbox game. It has already been confirmed that the Mario game would be gracing the upcoming hybrid console. Super Mario Odyssey was previously teased in October with the reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey has further been noted as a core Mario franchise akin to Marvel's cinematic universe rather than a continuous, singular series. It should be noted that Marvel recently released multiple Thor and Iron movies. On this note, Nintendo is also expected to release new entries to the New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Galaxy.

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