Dark Souls To Become Sci-Fi? Everything We Know So Far

Dark Souls-inspired The Surge is currently being developed by Deck13, the studio behind Lords Of The Fallen. In fact, early footage of the new action RPG is reported to have similarities to the Dark Souls series, although with some additions and key changes.

The Dark Souls-Inspired Game Will Be Based On A Futuristic Era

Based on the footage, the game, which has drawn inspiration from Dark Sous, will not be medieval combat based, but will instead be set in a futuristic era. The players are expected to play as survivors with an industrial grade exoskeleton that is not made for combat.

The Dark Souls-inspired game reportedly allows the players to concentrate on specific sections of the enemy's body and target the weaker sections. This allows them to go further, targeting the head of a specific enemy and decapitate it to retrieve the helmet.

Just like Dark Souls, the combat will revolve around dealing the player's stamina bar and must be kept with a close eye on it. However, the combat is said to be faster than the Dark Souls games and even appear to be stylish in its own unique way.

Features Of Dark Souls 3 Have Been Discovered By Dataminers

Dark Souls 3 details have apparently been discovered by dataminer Sanadsk, revealing some interesting clues like several codes that may refer to the phrase "Miyako No Mouja." According to reports, the phrase actually means The City of the Dead, which the dataminer surmised as the likely title for the upcoming Dark Souls 3 DLC.

Another discovery found in Dark Souls 3 is a code that mentions the land of Londor, which is reportedly a hometown of Yuria and Yoel. However, the said area has not been fully explored yet by the users and not much detail has been known about it until now.


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