NBA Jam 2017 Roster Edition: LeBron James, Kevin Durant Replace Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley; New Teams Included

An NBA Jam unofficial fan update reportedly used a SNES ROM hack to bring a new lineup to the original NBA JAM. It has been revealed that the likes of Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen are slated to replace Lebron James and Kevin Durant. The update is further believed to be based on the Super Nintendo version of NBA Jam.

Classic Throwbacks Still Available

The Hogs With A Blog website reportedly revealed the NBA Jam 2017 Roster Update with the new lineup update. While the legendary players have reportedly been retained, the new roster hack reportedly refreshes each team in the NBA Jam. Furthermore, the original logos have reportedly been retained as well as the names of the teams.

Hence, the Oklahoma City Thunder may still be called Seattle Supersonics. Note that the NBA Jam teams that have not been founded in 1993 have also been included. Moreover, Toronto, Memphis, and New Orleans fans may reportedly continue in the action.

Furthermore, the YouTube page for the Hogs With A Blog site reportedly revealed several months of work on the NBA Jam update. The creator reportedly showed the process on the updates on the player jerseys and star-studded starting screen. Additionally, players may also opt to play with Donald Trump and Kanye West as well as Hillary Clinton.

Update Bids Farewell To Chuck Person and Christian Laettner?

In other news, the NBA Jam update reportedly adds more options for players beyond the Wolves' roster circa 1994. Additionally, a version of the 2-on-2 basketball game NBA Jam 2K17 reportedly added updated rosters for all 30 teams. Wolves fans may reportedly opt to reminisce the mid-90's with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

The NBA Jam fan update reportedly includes a plethora of unlockables and Easter eggs as well. In addition, the Town's block rating reportedly 9/10 in contrast to Laettner's pass rating of 0/10. Note that the NBA Jam update may only be playable via a SNES emulator.


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