Overwatch: Here's Why Pharah Is Back In The Competitive Scene

Professional players often have weird picks that may seem like improbable during casual games. In the current meta where tanks rule the world, it appears that pros have started to adjust and work around the trending team compositions by using unconventional heroes to counter such strategies. Let's take a look at the current state of the Overwatch competitive scene and explain why Pharah is back - soaring higher than ever.

Overwatch: State of Competitive Scene

One of the popular team compositions nowadays is running the Triple Tank Meta (Zarya, Reinhardt, D.Va, Ana) +1 Healer (Preferably Lucio) and +1 Core (Roadhog or Soldier 76). This composition has one of the highest win rates and the most picked team during the last Winter Premier, as stated by CaptainPlanet. Just by looking at this setup, you can clearly see its pushing power and taking the objective can be fairly easy with Lucio and Ana at the backlines. Roadhog can essentially devastate any lineup and can even flank priority targets from behind. So where do Praha comes in you ask? Well, she's simply the best counter for these types of compositions.

Overwatch Praha: Anti-Meta Hero

One of Praha's strengths is her ability to demolish enemy lines from above especially on slow moving targets (usually tanks). As you may notice, the triple tank meta is fairly weak against targets that are far from their reach. Even if they do swap out Roadhog for Soldier 76, with a good Praha and support from her team, the hero can effectively counter the triple tank comp with ease.

Moreover, as Praha user, you'll only have to worry about D.Va's Defense Matrix and Ana's Sleep Dart which makes it a lot easier to play on the hero during these types of matchups. And so the main reason why Pharah is back in the competitive scene isn't the fact that she got buffed but because she's simply too good against the triple tank meta.

So the next time you come across the triple tank meta, you may want to switch on your Praha and learn how to stay alive as you demolish those seemingly invulnerable tanks. With the upcoming nerf on Ana's Biotic Grenade, Praha will become even more of a nuisance in the upcoming scenes.

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