Nintendo NES Classic: Best Ways To Mod Your Unit Unveiled

As reported earlier, hackers have found their way to hack the Nintendo NES Classic Edition and allow the installation of new additional classic games. The mods that were used have allowed almost double the number of game that can be played - from 30 to a whopping 60.

Where it came from

The hack originated from a Russian forum before taking over Reddit. Currently, there are two methods towards making the modification: the original way, which is long and very complex, or the easier yet riskier way

The complicated method

Xelonakias on Reddit took the original Russian instructions and translated them to English. The result is a complicated, very wordy set of instructions, and clearly only suitable for people who actually know what they are doing. If you won't don't do everything accordingly to the given instructions, you could potentially brick your NES Classic, which is going to be a risk that you won't likely take if you are unfamiliar with hacking.

The easier method

Another Russian modder by the name of Cluster has developed an easier way to mod your NES Classic. The complicated method seems to be next to impossible to pull off as it possesses a lot of complicated instructions to follow, and there are so many ways that you can go wrong.

This method, known as the hakchi2 tool, is legit and definitely works, according to people on Reddit who have tried it. These users have shared about being able to add games to their NES Classic Edition without any much hassle and nothing more than NES game ROMs and a USB cable.

Think before you leap

But with that being said, it is also good to know that the tool does pop up on virus scanners and some say that it is dangerous. Either which method you go, mod at your own risk.

If you do choose to go through with any mod and manage to execute it to perfection, you can definitely get an additional 30 more games on your NES Classic, which is pretty sweet, to say the least.

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