Dishonored 2 News: Here Are 22 New Custom Difficulty Settings Choices

It has been reported that Arkane Studios will update Dishonored 2  with the customization of difficulty settings in the game next week. Finally, the players will now have different choices regarding the levels of difficulty in the game.

Settings Of Game Update 2 In Dishonored 2

Originally, there are 20 sliders that the players can choose for the difficulty level of Dishonored 2. But if the players will consider the new Iron Man mode, there will be 22 sliders all in all. According to Game Revolution, players can review the settings on Steam.

The first setting is called Quick-Access wheel. This enables the players to slow the timer without affecting the real time in the game. The players can modify how they want their enemies to detect them with three choices such as slower, normal and faster. This is called Enemy Perception. The Enemy Overhead Perception is about how the enemy can perceive the players on top of them. They can choose from reduced overhead, medium overhead and keen overhead perception.

The Lean Visibility has three choices. First, the hidden option cannot detect the player. Next, slightly hidden is for additional thrill that the enemy can detect the players a little. Lastly, visible can enable the enemy to detect the players when they are leaning out of cover. The next option is Constrained Learning, which will let the players cut their distance by half.

Sleep Dart Toxin also has three choices. The fast, normal and slow that will define how fast the dart will take effect against their enemies. The Footstep Noise can be less noisy, normal and more noisy. The Search Persistency is about how fast a guard can detect the players.

The Reinforcements option will set how experienced the guards will respond when an alarm is triggered. The Health Regression can modify how the players will regain their health in Dishonored 2. The Enemy Damage is about how strong will the enemies' damage can be inflected to the players.

The Group Attack setting is about how many enemies can attack the players. The Attack Frequency is about how many times the enemies can attack the players. The Ranged Accuracy can modify how accurate the attacks of the enemies is.

Enemy Bravery is how calm the enemy when he is engaged in combats. The players can choose to replace their gone mana with Mana Replenish. The Ammunition Quantity will determine how many ammos are found in a box. Elixir Speed is about how fast the elixirs for Mana and Health will be replenished.

Elixir Strength will determine how complete the replenishment for Mana and Health elixirs will be. Chase Tenacity is how long will the enemies attack the players. Lastly, the Stealth Visibility is about how can enemies perceive the players in a well-lit environment.

The Save Model And Mission Select Screen

As per Kotaku, the Save model in Dishonored 2 will prohibit the players from having more than one save slots in the game. This means that the players need to be very careful in deciding their next move in the game that will not punish them in the future.

The Mission select screen will not let the players choose from their previous missions. If the players will start a third mission, they can see empty screens from their other two campaigns. Also, the players cannot restart their new mission.

The players are in for a new challenge once Game Update 2 finally rolls out. Hopefully, the players will not suffer from any consequences once they have customed the difficulty level in Dishonored 2.

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