Elder Scrolls Online News: Homestead DLC Gets Official Release Date

Bethesda will be releasing Homestead DLC for Elder Scrolls Online separately for different consoles. The developer is hoping that the upcoming update will bring enjoyment and excitement to the players who have been waiting for this update for quite some time.

When Will Homestead DLC Be Arriving For Xbox One And PS4?

Bethesda will be releasing the DLC that will support Tamriel Unlimited on Feb. 21. The Homestead DLC is similar to Skyrim's Hearthfire DLC. The players will have the chance to buy their own house using their in-game money.

They will also have the chance to choose what type of furniture and decorations they can add in their homes in Elder Scrolls Online. There are total of 40 different houses and almost 2,000 furnitures that they can choose from.

However, if the players want a fully furnished home in Elder Scrolls Online, they can buy the houses from Crown Store. The players have to make sure though that they enough golds,crowns and in-game money so that they will not be bankrupt just by buying their first homes in the game.

Homestead DLC For PC Will Be Arriving Sooner

According to MMORPG, Homestead DLC for PC will be arriving on an earlier date and that is on Feb. 6. The DLC will also be available for Mac users. They will have the chance to try the update first and can give heads up to the console players.

Bethesda did not yet give any explanation why PC and Mac players will have the Homestead DLC on Elder Scrolls Online first. The console players are hoping that there will not be spoilers leaked once the DLC rolls out because they do not want their excitement to be ruined.

Bethesda has no plans yet on releasing Elder Scrolls 6 because the developer is bringing new and exciting features in its other games such as Skyrim Special Edition and Elder Scrolls Online. The players on the other hand, are waiting for the Homestead DLC to finally be live.

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