League of Legends Guide: How To Win This Game In 5 Easy Steps

League of Legends Guide: How To Win This Game In 5 Easy Steps
Winning in League of Legends should not be difficult if you will just follow these basic tips. Photo : League of Legends/YouTube

So you want to win more fights in League of Legends. This is understandable especially if you are at the end of your wits. If you keep on losing ranked games and are thinking of quitting the game altogether, don't. There are surefire ways you can turn back your fortunes. Here are some easy tips that will change your luck and win more games.

Watch How The Professionals Play The Game

Watching a player who is a veteran in League of Legends will help you a lot. You will be able to see how he tackle every problem that he encounters during a game and how he uses his knowledge, his skills and what strategy he uses to defeat his enemies. For instance, if you are finding difficulty in certain aspects of the game, watch the veteran how he resolves that particular problem.

If You Are Losing, Play Passively Until You Recover

It is a good strategy to always plan for an escape route just in case the situation in the game is not turning to your favor. Don't try to fight you enemy in League of Legends to the finish when you feel that you are already on the losing end. Stay under turret because it will not only protect you from the champion but will slow down his attack as well.

Sure, it will be more difficult to farm the minions. In fact, the turret might kill more of them. However, your health in League of Legends will be sustained while you are under your turret. It will also help to prevent many ganks.

Examine What's Wrong With Your Gameplay In League Of Legends

Many players neglect to watch their own gameplays and lose their matches as a consequence. It will greatly help in winning more games in League of Legends if you will watch your gameplay carefully. Look at your gameplay in the eyes of a spectator and that will give you another perspective that might help you win more games. You will be able to notice your mistakes that you were not aware of before. Focus your eyes on the difficulties you are consistently experiencing and work on them.

Farming Will Make A Big Difference

If you really want to win in League of Legends, you must invest some of your time and energies in farming. This is the big difference between winning and losing in this video game, especially in the laning phase. There are spell-bearing champions in the game that are dedicated to farming which enables them to inflict heavy damage. You will encounter this late in the game. It pays to be prepared for them.

Don't Worry Too Much About Winning

Every video game player, not only of League of Legends but other games as well, will eventually reach a block. So if your objective is only to win, you will never enjoy the game and its challenges. But if you will concentrate on improving your gameplay, your skill and strategizing, you will find that winning will be a lot easier. Why? Because you will constantly improve your gameplay. Just consider your LP losses as your fee for getting better.

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