Tom Clancy's The Division New DLC, Update 1.6: Everything From The Livestream

Just recently, developer Massive announced the arrival of a brand new Tom Clancy's The Division DLC. It's no other than the Last Stand. With the livestream being completed, it's interesting to see what sort of things players will be getting from this stuff. Here's everything about the content as well as the forthcoming update 1.6.

First and foremost, the studio has already confirmed that the aforementioned update and DLC in Tom Clancy's The Division won't be time-exclusives, as noted by GameSpot. This basically refers to the game's version on Xbox One and PC, with PS4 being the sole exception. Apparently, the content, in particular, will follow the same path that Underground and Survival took.

Thanks to the livestream Ubisoft conducted, Tom Clancy's The Division players were able to get an idea about what Last Stand is all about. One is the existence of two elements -- namely, PvP and PvE. Add to that the introduction of a new area called Dark Zone North (DZ 7.8 and 9). The idea behind the latter is to give players more freedom in exploring the interior location (from rooftops down to the underground places).

With the changes made to Tom Clancy's The Division Dark Zone, the studio confirmed that its size has now doubled up. The new update will allow players to move efficiently from DZ 6 to DZ 7. The developers deem these as "one contagious place." Although the size has been increased, the player cap will remain the same throughout update 1.6.

As for the Tom Clancy's The Division DLC Last Stand, it's primarily an organized PvP only that it's within the very confines of DZ. The mode the content introduces will be 8 vs. 8, with the capability of supporting matchmaking. A new Incursion is also expected to arrive along with the aforesaid content.

As of this writing, Ubisoft has yet to announce a release date for the said Tom Clancy's The Division DLC. More details about it are expected to surface in the coming days or so. Furthermore, the studio promised to reveal more info about the new Incursion sooner or later.

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