Ark Survival: Evolved News: Studio Wildcard Delays v254 For PC But Why?

Studio Wildcard is planning to delay the release of another update in Ark Survival: Evolved. The developer said that the team has decided to do this is because the company wants to make sure that the update will be flawless.

Studio Wildcard Has Its Reasons Why v254 Is Delayed

Originally, v254 for Ark Survival: Evolved in PC was set to be released on Jan. 20. However, Studio Wildcard has announced in its Steam page that the Tek Tier patch will be available later this month. The developer did not expected how massive the update will be.

Studio Wildcard clearly explained that the team decided to test v254 to ensure a flawless update for Ark Survival: Evolved. The team wants to check if all the features in the update are great and enough to make the game even more interesting. Lastly, the team is planning to add a surprise feature in the game.

v254 will provide new hairstyles, Tek Tier phase one, seven new dinosaurs, the opportunity to chat with the players' allies and other features to watch out for. According to iDigital Times, the Tek Tier was supposed to be released on v253 update.

Other Details About Ark Survival: Evolved

As per So Hood, v253 brought Ark Survival: Evolved into a whole new level. Also, with the help of Raptor Claus, the players managed to get exciting rewards and bonuses during the holidays. The players also loved how they can take selfies using the camera in the game.

Studio Wildcard said that the company is also planning to release a VR spinoff for Ark Survival: Evolved that will be called Ark Park. However, the players have no idea when will the spinoff be released, as per Game Rant. They are hoping that it will debut this year.

Ark Survival: Evolved keeps getting better and better. The players might be disappointed with the decision of Studio Wildcard to delay the release of v254 but they believe that the patch will be better than what the developer said before.

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