LinkedIn Simplifies User Experience With A Cleaner Website

LinkedIn got a noticeably brand new look. The change is even called by the company as its "largest redesign since the company's inception."

Users may note that the changes are a significant exit from LinkedIn's previous confusing design. Amy Parnell, LinkedIn's Senior Director of User Experience Design kept receiving feedback that users were overwhelmed by the interface. Its new look took a page from its mobile application in terms of font and layout used for a more formal and business-like impression. The mobile app version was also overhauled some time in December of 2015. The new desktop version will be available for global release in the next few weeks.

According to the recent blog post by LinkedIn, the changes were made from the ground up, and those were largely credited in the company's goal of providing a simpler user experience. LinkedIn also aims to give users an avenue to easily share ideas, join conversations, discover news and topics relevant to users.

Users who managed to log in last January 19, 2017 were the first to be surprised. LinkedIn got rid of its cluttered interface. It now sports a streamlined navigation bar, a smarter real-time messaging interface, a universal intuitive search box, new feed presentation, optimized features, and etc. The navigation reduced to seven main areas, namely: Home (Your Feed), Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me (your old profile page), My Network, and Search.

With LinkedIn's new chat system, users can now converse with each other in what appears to be a resemblance to Facebook Messenger. Users can sustain a conversation as they browse the desktop site.

LinkedIn will also be pushing LinkedIn Learning, an online learning portal which was launched during the same time as it previewed the desktop redesign last September. The site also went live about a year after LinkedIns's acquisition of, an online site dedicated to education.

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