ProtonMail Teams Up With Tor To Fight Totalitarian Governments

In order to combat a totalitarian government surveillance, the popular Switzerland-based email provider ProtonMail has teamed up with Tor network, so it can now offer to its users the possibility of logging into their accounts via an encrypted network. Naturally, this represents a symbolism of an era in which people´s privacy are threatened than ever.

ProtonMail Users Believe That Privacy Will Be More Threatened Under Trump´s Administration

According to the International Business Times, ProtonMail explained that this action, made on January 19, is aimed as a measure to prevent any kind of privacy infringement from totalitarian governments around the world, which has been characterized for cutting access to privacy tools.

Apparently, what has been a huge surprise for the firm, ProtonMail´ user base rocketed after president Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. presidential election against the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, given the fact that this is something that shows how many people believe that monitoring and spying will be stronger than ever under Trump´s administration.

Using Tor Network, People Won´t Be Spied Easily

Regarding this situation, ProtonMail listed which are the most important reasons why users around the world may want to connect via Tor, but eventually admitted that the service could still be open to disruptions as the testing continues. Nevertheless, it pointed out that one of the most important advantages of using the Tor network is the fact that it reroutes user´s IP address globally, which means that tracing its locations becomes extremely difficult for someone that wants to spy it.

As reported by The Register, ProtonMail´s CEO and co-founder Andy Yen, explained that they are expecting to see more censorship this year to his company and many others that provide the same kind of services. Although it´s not known if this is something that will actually happen, there are reasons to believes that this kind of actions might be taken, considering several events like the one perpetrated by the Egyptian government, which tried to block the encrypted chat app Signal.

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