Counter Strike: Global Offensive, New Patch Update Released

The greatest First Person Shooting PC game has just released another patch this week. This will be the second update that they released this month. Some fans might have not noticed these changes but they did a lot of revisions for the past 15 days.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will go down in history as the greatest(arguably) series in the massive Counter-Strike franchise. The games developer Valve Entertainment and Hidden Path Entertainment is keeping their promise years ago when they started the game. While other games such as the League of Legends or Dota 2 tease their fans with incoming updates, Counter Strike: Global Offensive works the other way.

Counter-Strike is a global phenomenon and a cultural icon that will never be beaten by any FPS PC game. That is a strong claim. However, if you are going to ask any gamer who started playing video games 10 or 20 years ago, unanimously they are going to provide the same answer which is Counter-Strike is the greatest FPS PC game ever created. Some players might not agree but their award, records and achievements speak for itself.

It was January 12 this year when Valve Entertainment and Hidden Path Entertainment released their very first patch. After approximately 7 days, they released another one. There are a lot of updates on those patches. This shows the testament of work the developers are putting in, to maintain the level of quality of their game.

CS:GO First Update

As mentioned, the first update happened last week and here are some of the changes. When a player dies due to a grenade explosion, an animation will stop there. Before, players will drop a duplicate grenade while dying in the battle. The func_breakables will no longer be annoying as it created a crazy noise before. They’ve also added new server settings that will help organizers delay player kick(LAN Games).

CS:GO Second Update

The latest update consists more fix on the servers and revision on some platforms like OSX. They were able to manage to fix multiple bugs such as Match Data and the refund issue about HTTP 200 OK. Also, there’s an added text when a match has been completed stating “Game Over.”

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