FIFA 17: Opening Pack Is Ridiculous, Iniesta, Modric, Lewandowski In One Team?

EA Sports just released their new update called Update 4 the other day and as of the moment, FIFA 17 is taking the video game world by storm. The new patch that was created not only fixed some bugs on the game but definitely boost up some of its gameplay.

Legions of fans of FIFA 17 was requesting and reporting some issues about their game ever since it was released. The developers of the game(EA Sports), didn’t waste any time in creating a fix to those irritating game bugs. It was first announced on their website that they will somehow release a new patch but there was no timetable provided.

But EA Sports is fond of surprises and surely they did when they released Update 4. For those who haven’t download the new patch, I’m not quite sure what’s holding them but they have to have it as soon as possible. As stated on top, there were a lot of features and bugs that were fixed. Like, issues in Career Mode, Presentation Changes, Gameplay and Ultimate Team.

FIFA 17 Greatest Opening Pack

FIFA 17 is not your average game. It is very exciting especially if you are a football fan. Almost 90% of the world plays and watches football according to reports. It is considered as the greatest sport in the world(not basketball or baseball). The best part in starting this game is the Opening Pack.

A lot of players are more excited about this than the real game. There are a lot of teams that have been created but a YouTuber shared what could probably the greatest team assembled in FIFA 17. This avid gamer was so excited that he even throw his chair to the walls. His line-up consists of Iniesta, Modric and Lewandowski. The YouTuber was so lucky he was able to acquire Lewandowksi the first time.

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