League Of Legends: Tournament Confirmed, Big Ten Universities Not Yet Ready?

League of Legends made a major announcement yesterday when they revealed about a new tournament that includes America’s Big Ten Universities. This will be the very first time that eSports will be introduced into some of the most athletic universities in the country.

Apparently, Riot Games, the developers of League Of Legends and Big Ten Universities reached an agreement. The Fox-owned network called The Big Ten Network will be broadcasting the game live. TBN is the single biggest network for any sports in the Big Ten Universities and right now, they can’t wait to do eSports for the first time.

League Of Legends: List Of Big Ten Universities

Although it is tagged as Big Ten Universities, it is composed of 14 prestigious schools. For those who aren’t familiar with those schools, here are some of them. Ohio State University, Michigan State University, Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, University of Iowa and others. However, two of the Big Ten Universities won’t be able to join the festivity, namely University of Nebraska and Penn State University.

League Of Legends Tournament Date

The target date for the much-anticipated tournament will be on January 30. With that said, players from the Big Ten Universities has still a lot of time to prepare in this game. As per recent reports, players can play the game anywhere they want. Although it is already scheduled that the championship game will be held in Los Angeles, players have the option to play there or at their dorm.

A press release was also shared by Michael Sherman about his thoughts on the tournament. "We could see a domino effect, where one school offers a scholarship and the others follow. We think a lot of conference networks will take a look at this opportunity as well."

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