Google Boosts Promotion Of Its Products In Searches

Google has been buying millions of its own ads, according to a post from Wall Street Journal, then it conveniently places its hardware products like Google Home and Nest smart thermostats well above the search results list.

Google and Alphabet products are secured as the top ads 91 percent based on 25,000 searches of selected terms. For example, if users type in "phones", they would most likely be greeted with Google Pixel ads. Based on 1,000 searches, if a user inputs searches involving "laptops" is present, Chromebook ads would top while 98 percent of searches involving "watches" resulted to ads about the Android smartwatch. Semrush, an advertising data firm was behind the analysis.

"We have consciously and carefully designed our marketing programs to not impact the ad auction," said Google. "All our bids are excluded from the auction when determining the price paid by other advertisers, and we have strict rules and processes - set to tougher levels than our customers - to govern the use of our own ads products."

Google is obviously an Internet powerhouse. The Google search is practically one of the first things people open once online. Companies shell out a large amount of money for bidding just to claim the top spot.

Google, however, will be the first to admit that they love Google AdWords. According to a blog post dated in November 2010, they use it themselves as it is a great way to reach users and raise awareness about certain products and features. The company also says that it's quite common for companies to run house ads like newspapers that show ads in their papers providing information on how people can subscribe.

The report also states that after giving the results to Google, a lot of the said ads were no longer available. Brands like Apple, Lenovo and Apollo now seem to be at the top of search results pages for these terms, according to a BBC test.


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