Battlefield 1: Elite Class, Behemoth, New Weapon And New Map Discussed After The Released Of They Shall Not Pass Teaser Trailer

For several weeks, DICE has been frequently teasing the upcoming first DLC of Battlefield 1 titled They Shall Not Pass and today, the studio has released yet again, one of the most intriguing and captivating teaser trailer for the update. Although the trailer only runs for about 15 seconds, it gave the fans a glimpse of what's to come for the upcoming DLC pack. Here's everything we know so far:

Battlefield 1: Elite Class And Behemoth

DICE released a 15-second video teasing some info for the upcoming DLC They Shall Not Pass via Twitter which highlights three info: A new class, a new vehicle and presumably, a new weapon. According to Westie, a Youtuber and Battlefield 1 analyst, the Soldier wearing the blue uniform and clad with metal plating is the new Elite Class from the French Army. [Update]: EA Community Manager confirmed that the soldier is indeed the Elite Class.

The vehicle behind him may also foreshadow the upcoming new vehicle which is called the Behemoth (Char 2C)- a massive French super tank that once rolled and dominated the battlefield of World War 1. This is also the largest operational tank ever created by man.

Battlefield 1: New Weapon and New Map

Westie also discussed the new weapon which the Elite Class is seen wearing during the trailer: a new melee weapon. It resembles closely to the club but without the spikes. Lastly, the background resembles the concept art which DICE released way back in December, which highlights the Battle of Verdun.

DICE promised that more info will be released next week. Hopefully, it'll shed light for more info regarding the next DLC and hopefully for the upcoming February update as well. Stay tuned for more Battlefield 1 news!

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